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About us

Located in San Diego, California, we specialized in placing Health Care professionals into Permanent Positions 


​We are a healthcare staffing firm placing candidates, job seekers into full time positions nationally since 2006

JT MedStaff was started in by Paul S in San Diego, California

Immigrating to the USA from South Africa with his wife and young children in the early 1990's, Paul and his wife bought a Healthcare staffing franchise in 2006. It focused on placing RN’s into full time positions

During the 2008 economic crash, the mother franchise company they bought into went out of business.

Paul soon there-after formed a new company-  JT MedStaff which still to this day does only full time healthcare staffing for large and small hospitals nationally

Registered Nurses, Mid Level providers and Physicians to a lesser degree

JT MedStaff is a boutique healthcare staffing company focusing on select clients providing tailored service to hospitals and candidates



We strive to understand the facilities needs and type of candidate they seek, understand the compensation and culture, location and most importantly, that they care for their employees as best they can

For our candidate and job seeker, we want to know what it is they seek, their needs, goals and type of position with location best suited.



Once a facilities needs and position can be matched up with a candidate’s needs and aspirations, only then would we introduce each to the other- think of us as a matchmaker

We take the time to talk and listen with respect

We work towards a common goal: the hospital as the employer, the future employee, job seeker we introduced and we as JT MedStaff  have a fruitful long term relationship for all to have a positive outcome

Am busy staffing, call back later

We work closely with facilities to help keep costs down

Having to utilize temporary staff is expensive, and by pre-screening our Permanent candidates, we ensure they meet the specialized requirements we are given, prior to submitting them to a Facility

Our team knows that Hospitals depend on finding the right personnel and in a timely manner. Our passion and commitment for providing excellent and personalized service saves time and money which is invaluable to success

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