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JT MedStaff has been assisting healthcare staff with full time positions nationally since 2007

Showcasing  a few of our current candidates on finding them a full time position

See what they have to say



Feb 2020

Good morning Paul! I arrived yesterday. Long journey in my car and I’m happy to be here.   I love it!

It’s beautiful and I found the cutest cabin up in the hills. I have my pre employment appointment on

Thursday and start work on the 24th! Thank you for everything!
Jacqui - RN



Feb 2020

I have just signed the job offer letter.

Thank you so much Paul, I can't thank you enough, and I will sure reach out to you as my time draw near

Nadine - RN



Feb 2020

Hi Paul,

Wow… .thank you so much Paul,  and thank you for all your assistance !

I love it, it’s so interesting up here and am starting next week

Katherine - RN




Mar 2020

Hi, how are you!!!

When I checked my email, I saw that he sent me the offer on Friday and I accepted it on Monday

Thank you so much and thanks for your all your help !!!

Manou - RN



Mar 2020

I  appreciate your help Paul. I will never forget your kindness for helping me get this job  

I did my best on the interview and will keep you updated . 

May - RN


Mar 2020

Thank you Paul for all your help. I have completed the references and application for the Offer made

Daniel - RN


Apr 2020

Thank you for checking up on me! 

The city is way prettier than I could ever imagine. On Tuesday orientation starts. I’m beyond excited

and grateful for the opportunity. Thank you for everything you did to help me. 

Javier - RN

Apr 2020

Thank you for assisting and securing me the ER position in a warm climate 

The way we did it driving back home, then interviewing half way was quite something

Now I am so much closer to my family, Thank you for all you did to make it happen

Kim- RN

Apr 2020

I am here. It’s BEAUTIFUL here! I saw snow for the first time! I will attach pictures! Lol!

I have an appointment for pre-employment screening this Thursday and I am to start next Monday. 

Thanks for checking in!

Jamia - RN

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